We are a team of real estate professionals. 

Based in Omaha, Metonic is a private real estate investment company unique to the Midwest. We have a reputation for strategic oversight and operational excellence with a passion for innovation. We strongly believe real estate is a key component of a well-diversified portfolio.  Through our relationships and expertise, we provide these opportunities by uncovering value where others have missed to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns for our investors. 

What is Metonic?

Metonic is more than a name. It’s a strategy. The Metonic Cycle is a 19-year lunar cycle upon which the original Greek calendar was based. It’s a predictable and observable process.  We believe real estate is also cyclical and driven by supply and demand for assets as well as the availability and cost of capital.  Further, we believe it’s important to understand where a particular market or asset falls within the real estate cycle to be able to identify opportunity, exploit inefficiencies, react quickly, and capitalize on gains.  Our team continuously evaluates the following:

  • Market cycle
  • Market position
  • Asset operations
  • Asset financing
  • Current and future capital needs

Investor Centric

We have a range of investors with varying knowledge of real estate; as a result we are committed to an easy process for those who invest alongside us. We provide robust reporting, legal and tax documentation and expert guidance that turns a complicated process to a simple one.

Results Focused

Metonic is a team of innovative and results-oriented professionals. Every action we take is driven by the desire to achieve the best results. We deliver above market returns through strategic oversite and swift execution. Our team follows through with our commitments.

Relationship Driven

Relationships are our base. We work diligently to earn the trust of those that work with us, and strive to provide the best possible service. Metonic is a group of passionate, trustworthy and hands-on individuals dedicated to transparency, consistent communication and client satisfaction.